A film by Kathleen Laughlin
A film by Kathleen Laughlin   
I cannot ever get to the end of my search for sites of interest to those who have visited my site - all lists must be finite and a work in progress - I know each of these will lead you to more - have a good journey! -- KL


I call it the WELCOME MENOPAUSE/BUTTERFLY site: a sterling one page list of places to assess discover consider illuminate dark areas all related to the state of menopause; don't miss article of the month; creator Judy Bayliss seems in wise control


This is the ORIGINAL (since 1997) MENOPAUSE & BEYOND site; I like to check the recent additions section for the latest medical rumblings; and I once got to read an entire thesis on medical hegemony; I like it's independence


A COMMUNITY FOR WOMEN AT MIDLIFE, it comes on strong with music, an animated 2D figure, guest conferences with prominent experts, message board, and familiar mainstream offerings; I just wonder - why is that Forbes magazine there?


This is part of the THIRD AGE services of the MyFamily.com, Inc Network and sticks to the medical stuff - news update on the front page is useful; also offers a free search on the amazing Natl. Library of Medicine Database - access to millions of articles A film by Kathleen Laughlinrelating to menopause...


The great suggestion FEED YOUR HEART, FUEL YOUR ART hovers near the logo; although this site exists mainly to promote and support female artists, its creative, interactive, ideas-driven and inspirational offerings will appeal to any woman searching for her core...(offers a free e-newsletter)


It has a REBEL WITH THE PAUSE attitude and offers much needed images-- cartoony and funny; also includes guest articles


A non-profit organization that's been fighting for women's health issues for 25 years - preventing, warning, lobbying, publicizing, pressuring - they want to end the commercialization of menopause in particular; they will send/fax you their latest on your disease/drug if you phone or fax


"Smart irreverent and totally usable" someone wrote to get me there- articles, drugs, comments - Dr. Judith Paley in Denver is on her toes


A MENOPAUSE MADNESS BOOK-what else to say?


A WOMAN'S COMMUNITY FORUM -- a great posting board with moderators - lots of potential for menopause stuff under health & wellness and "oldering"


An inspiring and perky site that says it wants to REDEFINE WOMEN OVER 50; well written articles, postings, reviews etc.

A film by Kathleen Laughlin
A film by Kathleen Laughlin
A film by Kathleen LaughlinA film by Kathleen Laughlin


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