Kathleen Laughlin

...films that women want to see.
A film by Kathleen Laughlin
A film by Kathleen Laughlin

ReInventing Power:
The History of the Battered Women's Shelter Movement
co-produced by Terri Berthiaume Hawthorne & Kathleen Laughlin
60 min video - available sometime in 2002
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A film by Kathleen Laughlin

THE CHILDREN REMEMBER: Life at the Minnesota State School for Dependent and Neglected Children, 1886-1945      90 minute video

"...it is impossible to forget the resident who said, 'You get your bed, your meals, but you never get an arm around you, or someone to tell you that they loved you.' Tragedy never seems far away from former state-schoolers who persevered in life without the support and backing of real parents and family."
       — Mary Ford - North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC)

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