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This is a beautiful and creative look at the midlife transition. It includes flashbacks to the filmmaker's younger years, stories told by many creative women about their experiences, and cross-cultural perspectives on aging and menopause. This is not a medical perspective on menopause but rather a look at its meaning in our personal lives, as a spiritual transition, and its meaning in our culture and society. Interspersed with the interviews are creative drawings and natural scenes which give it great visual appeal and keep it interesting. The "talking head syndrome" does not apply here. In addition to providing information and perspective on this time of life, it is very supportive and affirming. It gives voice to the women who feel if they are balanced they will have no problems with this transition as well as to the women who have a difficult time with physical or emotional changes. The inclusion of older women lets us see that there is power, beauty, strength, calm and wisdom awaiting us. This would be a great conversation starter in a women's group or "book group." For those who would like to bear more from the older women in their lives, viewing this film together could be a way to help those women open up who feel it's not something to discuss.

--Sharon Slettehaugh
  MIDLIFE WOMAN (newsletter) September 1996